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10 Popular Android Apps

Posted July 15, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in Feature

Hardly a week goes by these days without a hot new app hitting the market, whether for gaming, entertainment, or general utility. In fact, with everyone from innovative computer science students to massive entertainment customers generating new apps, it can be hard to keep up with which ones are worthwhile! So here’s a look at 10 great apps that are popular this year.

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1. Any.do

This is an app that functions as a to-do list for your mobile phone. You can plug in different events and goals as you think about them, and specify when you want to complete them (today, tomorrow, in the future, etc.).

2. Stitcher Radio

This is as powerful a radio app as you’ll find, and satisfies any radio need you could imagine. Live stations, podcasts, etc. make up a massive library of programs, and you can customize the app to suit your preferences.

3. 888 Poker

Casino gaming has become a massive industry online, with millions trying their luck at sites like betfair and party casino every day. The 888 Poker app brings this style of entertainment to your phone, offering free, quality casino games at a finger’s touch.

4. Vine

The app that brought video to social networking, Vine is Instagram in motion. It’s a simple concept: shoot and share videos up to 6 seconds long in a mobile social network.

5. Photo Editor by Aviary

Among dozens of different popular apps designed to help you enhance your photos, this edition by Aviary is one of the simplest to use. Plus, it has a “meme” effect that allows you to quickly caption and share photos, either with friends, on social networks, or even on Reddit!

6. Pulse

Pulse brings your favorite news sources together into a single, efficient app. Organize your folders for News, Entertainment, Sports, etc. to include only the relevant sites you like, and you’ll find a simple lineup of those sites’ current headlines. It’s web browsing, simplified.

7. Gas Guru

This is a simple but brilliant app that uses your current location to find and compare gas prices in the area. If you’re looking to save a few bucks (who isn’t?), this is an app to use.

8. Fandango Movies

Fandango goes above most movie apps in that, in addition to trailers, movie information, and showtimes, it also allows you to purchase tickets digitally to pick up at the theater.

9. Spotify

Spotify has been popular for a while now, but remains an essential app, particularly for Android users. Many are using it as an alternative to iTunes, as Spotify – for a subscription fee – gives you access to any music you want.

10. Zedge

This is a relatively basic app for wallpaper and ringtones that you can use on your phone. It stands apart from competitors, however, in that it is free of ads and in-app purchase notifications.


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