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Critical Strike Portable Review: Tactical Deathmatch

Posted July 25, 2012 by in Arcade & Action






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4/ 5


Developer: Studio OnMars
Latest Version: 2.19
Genre: Arcade & Action, FPS shooter
Price: FREE
Game Reviews:


great graphics, fast-paced action game, multiplayer deathmatches on the go


occasional lags, controls are non-responsive at times

Critical Strike Portable is a fantastic game that brings life to FPS gaming in a small scale level. With an intense multiplayer action, and solid single player missions, you’ll always have fun battling it out with friends or playing with AI controlled bots.

by Noah Mocorro
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FPS fans, the moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived as the much awaited Counter Strike clone has finally reached Android shores. Known as Critical Strike Portable, the game is entirely a miniaturized version of its older brother. The game has gone far enough that it even features some of the original popular maps that veteran players will surely recognize. Let’s face it, this game is heavily based on Counter Strike, in fact the developers themselves even state it on their game description.

Critical Strike Portable is built on the Unity 3D platform and if you have played Shadowgun, Roboto or Temple Run: Brave, then you’ve pretty much got the idea on how the game looks like. Veteran players of the original series will quickly recognize the maps, guns and characters in the game as it pretty much resemble like Counter-Strike 1.6.  What’s even more better, the doesn’t takes that much space and requires only 25 MB to download.

Just because its a mobile version of a game doesn’t mean it lacks content. Players will be surprise on how much features that the developers have added onto the game. For starters, Critical Strike Portable is like having a real console game right in the palm of your hand. Like I said before, it’s a miniaturized version of Counter Strike that feels and looks exactly the game.

There are two modes to choose from namely: the single player campaign and multiplayer mode. Choosing the single player mode will put you in a classical game of counter-terrorist and terrorist faction.  In here, players can choose three game modes, classical, team-deathmatch, and zombie survival which was just added recently. Depending on what faction you have selected, players could either be planting bombs with the terrorist or rescuing hostages when siding with counter-terrorist. With many games today featuring zombie themed levels, Critical Strike Portable has its own interpretation and we won’t spoil it down for you.

One of the main highlights that I want to stress out with the game is the customizability. Instead of pre-defined bots that spawn on each level, players can choose the amount of bots they want to add to their game. Players can even tweak the bots life, and change the amount of damage they can deal. But you cannot change the AI of these bots.

Controlling your character will be kind of a challenge considering you’ll be dealing with touch-screen controls on screen. Playing the game is quite hard most especially Critical Strike Portable is a fast paced game that requires lightning fast reaction. We advise that you get yourself a separate dedicated Bluetooth controller or use your PS3 Six-axis controller if you really into beating the game, as far as multiplayer is concern. If you still insist on playing touch-screen controls then Critical Strike Portable is generous enough to let you customize your own controls. Like configuring your analog stick to be large enough, and even placing your buttons anywhere on the screen depending on your heart’s content.

In terms of weapons, players are limited to a standard issue assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, a pistol, frag grenade, stun grenade and a knife. While hard core Counter Strike fans are longing for more weapons, Critical Strike Portable is limited to handful of selections. Don’t expect to see some submachine guns and other types of weapon as each faction is limited to only one type of weapon. Buying your weapon still remains the same, where you spend cash but what I mentioned earlier, you are just limited to a few set of weapons. So shopping isn’t much fun here.

Every FPS game wouldn’t be complete without maps right? And Critical Strike Portable has tons of them and they even ported out some of the best maps there is. Some maps even include de_dust, cs_mansion, de_aztec and de_cbble just to name a few. As of writing there are over 68 maps to download in which 7 are already preloaded when you first download the game.

Perhaps what makes Critical Strike Portable for Android to be an awesome game has to be its multiplayer. But before you can jump right into the action, you need to have a registered account first, luckily the game has a built in registration form that will ask you for your username and server. Once connected, you’ll be treated with all the available matches and their corresponding game types. Players can host games locally if you prefer playing it with friends across a Wifi channel.

Overall, Critical Strike Portable is a fantastic game that brings life to FPS gaming in a small scale level.  With an intense multiplayer action, and solid single player missions, you’ll always have fun battling it out with friends or playing with AI controlled bots. If you have been a Counter Strike fan before then be sure that you don’t miss this game.

You can get Critical Strike Portable for Android absolutely free in the Google Play Store.

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