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Critter Escape Review: Action Packed Chasing Game

Posted December 1, 2012 by in Arcade & Action






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4.5/ 5


Developer: KizStudios
Latest Version: 2.0 (November 20)
Genre: Arcade & Action
Price: FREE
Game Reviews:


Great graphics, humorous story, easy to pick-up and play


controls may frustrate

Play a classical game of cat and mouse in Critter Escape that is both innovative and creative in its own way

by Paolo Nikko
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Escape games such as Spy Mouse brought a new type of gameplay that involves running around collecting stuff and controlling your character as you try to evade your captors in a maze.

Game of Cat and Mouse

One day while you are being experimented you manage to escape and now you must find your way out of the laboratory for good. Like I mentioned earlier, it is pretty much the same concept with Spy Mouse that involves around collecting cheese as you avoid from your captors and escape. In general, it is a maze chase game where you are placed on the shoes of a creature and try to escape. There are different control schemes offered in the game and you can opt to choose by controlling your character by drawing a path on screen or go with the traditional method of using the onscreen controls.

Power-Up Galore

There are different power-ups scattered on each level and these include: Flash that will let you run fast through a limited time, Gaseous that you can excrete to your enemies, Ghost that can turn you invisible, Disguise that turns you into one of the Welk guards, and lastly Rampage that will transform you into a “Hulk” like creature that can mop down any enemy that comes into your way.

If ever you are caught with the Welk guards on each level, then it is automatically game over for you. Critter Escape utilizes the same 3-star accomplishment rating that you can find on many puzzle games. If you manage to finish the level by collecting gems and accomplishing the challenge, then you achieve a perfect rating. Each level can be accomplish in a matter of minutes and is perfect for those looking for a short game on the go. Although the levels are quite short, Critter Escape still adds a little bit of a challenge thus encouraging repeated plays.

To keep the levels fresh rather than being boring and repetitive, the game mixes challenges and also adds a personalization feature in which you can buy your critter with hats and outfits by using the gems that you have collected.

The critters in the game are actually called as Muck and resemble like a lump of potato. Graphics are impressive and you can actually admire how the facial expressions are clearly detailed during the level’s result screen. Critter Escape also injects a bit of humor during the comic-book style cut scenes.

The only thing I had problems while playing Critter Escape is the controls using the on-screen joystick. At some point controlling might not be responsive at some times and using the “drawing-a-path” controls might not actually work as your critter will not follow the traced path resulting to a beating with a guard or swimming in toxic goo.

Despite Critter Escape’s flaws in its control schemes, it is still an entertaining game to play for anyone who is looking for a short and quick game of cat and mouse.

Be sure to download Critter Escape for Android free at the Google Play Store

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