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Oscura Review: Sheding Light in the Dark Macabre

Posted September 9, 2012 by in Arcade & Action






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4.5/ 5


Developer: MTV Networks
Latest Version: 2.0
Genre: Arcade & Action
Price: $0.99
Game Reviews:


great graphics, innovative and simple gameplay, challenging levels


controls are not accurate, incompatibility issues with some android phones

Fascinating game that combines simple graphics and gameplay that makes it a must have for anyone who owns an Android device. If only they can polish the controls, but nevertheless it is still a great game to play that manages to strike a chord when it comes to 2D platform adventure games on the go.

by Paolo Nikko
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Mobile gaming has evolve in the last couple of years and from simple 2D side-scrolling games, to jaw-dropping console like graphics. Speaking of 2D graphics, this game that we are about to review is as simple as it gets and it kind of reminds of Patapon and Loco Roco on the PSP. Introducing Oscura, a spooky 2D title from MTV networks that is surprisingly simple and yet challenging in every way.

Let there be light!

Oscura brings a lot of stunning improvements to the table, first of all is the graphics and like we said, it is absolutely gorgeous in its own right even if the game is rendered in 2D.  Oscura is a platform type of game that takes the fairy tale with a twist of macabre. Sorry, this is not actually a horror-themed game but rather features a dark gritty feel complementing on the gameplay and atmosphere.

In Oscura, players are placed on the shoes of shadowy creature or more of like an imp, that is tasked in retrieving fragments of a shattered lighthouse that was once used before to wade off evil creatures.  To accomplish that objective, players have to finish 12 levels of increasingly challenging platforms.

Control Madness

What makes Oscura a unique game compared  to other games aside from its graphics comes from its controls. Instead of the traditional touch panel controls shown in the screen where you have to tap on a specific buttons to perform an action, Oscura makes it easier by letting you tap anywhere on the screen. Movement is done by tapping the left and right part of the screen to move to their corresponding side.

To jump from obstacles, all you need to do is to quickly tap the opposite side of the screen while moving to perform an aerial leap. Tapping it twice will let you do a double-jump and tapping two fingers at the same moment will let you do a straight jump.

Rebuilding the light house

Along the way, there are shards of broken lighthouse crystals scattered all over the place as well as cogs that are pieces of the machine itself. There are a total of 4 cogs to collect in each level and most of the time they are placed on unreachable areas that you need to do a little bit of running and jumping at the same time.

If you manage to collect enough crystals, you can slow down time by swiping your fingers across the screen. This is especially important in levels where you have to evade monsters and jump across burning lava and swinging pendulums. Speaking of monsters, there are different beasts that roam around each level and they can be troublesome since they are huge.

In terms of graphics, the screenshot says it all. The game did remind me of the Tim Burton movies with the dark theme, spooky atmosphere, and macabre characters. Each level has its own theme that is visible in the background. At most parts, Oscura is rendered in deep black hues, with strong bursts of color that explodes right in front of your eyes.

Controls might be a letdown as sometimes when we jump on a swinging pendulum we don’t often land on the spot. But the checkpoints did help making the control problem a less thing to worry about. And if you really don’t like the idea of touching any part of the screen, you can always resort to the traditional on screen touch controls and floating joystick.


Overall, Oscura for Android reminds me of Loco Roco for the PSP where 2 G’s are important and that is graphics and gameplay. With Oscura’s simple  game play that involves around collecting cogs and pieces of fragments, coupled with the power to slow down time and neat visuals, makes this game a must have on anyone’s smartphone who is looking for an entertaining game. Once you get pass through the learning curve and timing your jumps at the right time, Oscura will be a walk in the park.

You can download Oscura for $0.99 at the Google Play Store.


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