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Spirits Review: Spiritually Addictive Puzzle Game

Posted September 23, 2012 by in Brain & Puzzle






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4.5/ 5


Developer: Spaces of Play
Latest Version: 1.1.1 (Sept 19, 2012)
Genre: Brain & Puzzle
Price: $2.99 or Free (Demo Version)
Game Reviews:


visually appealing graphics, simple gameplay that involves a lot with strategy, soothing music


hard to select Spirits when they are all piled up

Spirits is a great game that innovates puzzle gameplay and injects it with its own gameplay mechanics. Features a simple game that is so addictive that you will spend countless of hours replaying every level to get the best possible solutions.

by Paolo Nikko
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Puzzle games are great for stimulating your brain cells most especially if its simple and entertaining. Sprit is another 2D puzzle game that relies on physics and your environment. Developed by Spaces of Play, Spirits will definitely get anyone hooked into the game in minutes most especially for those who are looking for a different type of game. In Spirits your objective is simple and that is to guide leaf spirits in each level to a swirling white portal.In order to do that, you have to go through a lot of challenges like evading spike pitfall traps, creating passageways, and blocks just to name a few. The game is fairly easy but once you reach the later levels it gets even more challenging.

Spiritual Guidance

In order to finish each level you need to guide the Leaf Spirits in various obstacles and that is by sacrificing them in the process. Doing so will let you create clouds, growing vines, spinning balls that dig through dirt, and a shape that wards of the flow of the wind. You start off with an increasing number of Leaf Spirits and will eventually decrease overtime.

spirits gameplay android

Each level requires you a specific number of Leaf Spirits to get pass through and once you met that requirement you then you’re good to go. But it is best if you can save as many of those Spirits. The challenge doesn’t rely on the level itself but comes from the player himself, if he wants to save those adorable white Leaf Spirits. You don’t actually control the spirits as they are automatically spawn on a starting area and from there they will start walking on their own.

Transformation Fun

Transforming each Leaf Spirit can be done by simply tapping one them and choosing the type of transformation you want them to be created. After which, you can set the direction on how they behave. For example transforming a Leaf Spirit into a cloud will let you control on what direction of the wind will blow. This is essential as there are spike pitfalls and obstacles found everywhere on the map. So strategy will be the key here. There is actually no perfect solution on each level as there are many ways that you can actually finish and increases its replay value. On the top part of the screen you can see the number of Spirits left that will appear or respawn and next to its is the number of Spirits that you have to save. In order to save Spirits you need sacrifice a single one of them if you want them to transform.

spirits gameplay android 2

The only problem I had with regards to the game is controlling a specified Spirit that you want to transform when there are three or more on a specific area. Like I said before, timing is the key and when you have more of them piled up on a specific area then it could be tricky selecting a particular spirit as they tend to keep on moving.

Spirits kind of remind me of those 2D games that I played on the Playstation Portable. Fans who love side-scrolling games will love the artistic style graphics that the Developers have added in the game. Is as if you are watching some sort of an animated Japanese movie. The graphics is actually stunning, and the warm atmosphere of the background adds some fine details to the game itself making it warm for newbie players to get connected with the game.

Puzzle games can both be entertaining, challenging and boring at the same time as the gameplay can be quite repetitive. Spirits on the other hand keeps it fresh as each level is beautifully crafted with many different solutions that you can discover while replaying levels.


Overall, Spirits is a great game that innovates puzzle gameplay up to the next level. While there are many titles that involve around using physics like Amazing Alex or Cut the Rope, Spirits makes a different approach by being creative and at the same time innovative by building its own sense of environment. So if you love puzzle games then you’ll definitely love Spirits. With its unique gameplay and numerous solutions on each level, you’ll surely have a great time spending hours on discovering new¬†solutions along the way.

You can download Spirits for $2.99 or try the demo version.

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