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SushiChop Review: Sushi Slicing Game

Posted July 21, 2012 by in Arcade & Action






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4/ 5


Developer: Rogue Rocket Games
Latest Version: 2.2.1
Genre: Brain & Puzzle
Price: FREE
Game Reviews:


Variety of seafoods to chop, upgrade abilities, cool power-ups, finger slicing, addictive gameplay


direct clone of FruitNinja, controls may lag sometimes

SushiChop for Android is a fantastic game that brings a host of added features into the table. With its addictive gameplay, you’ll be coming back to cure your fish slicing tendencies.

by Paul Samuel
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Finger slicing has never felt so good since the inception of Fruit Ninja and other related slicing games. We’ve seen a lot of developers lately joining in the bandwagon with their very own game of frantic slicing action using your hand. The latest addition added to the bunch is called SushiChop. Released on the iOS platform few months back, SushiChop for Android is sure one promising title.

Don’t let the game fool you as this is not related to Chop Sushi, a creative matching game, but instead SushiChop is a direct clone of Fruit Ninja with some added elements.

From the name itself, players will take a role of a Japanese chef slicing portions of raw fish using your fingers. Instead of flying fruits floating around in the screen, raw fish and crustaceans will take its place that includes octopuses, fish, eel, and some shrimps. There is a time limit that can be seen below the sushi tray in the form of a green bar.Players start with three life, represented in the form a sushi. There are many ways to lose a life and that includes slicing raw fish, and if you run out of time.

There are two modes to choose from and these are SushiChop and SushiMaster. In SushiChop, players have one simple objective and that is to cut any type of seafood to be placed on top of 4 cooked vinegar rice (shan) that is the equivalent to one serving of Nigirizushi sushi. Levels are presented in waves and the more you progress deeper in the game the harder it gets in slicing down fish as more raw fish will be flying across the screen.

On the other hand, SushiMaster still has the same objectives but instead requires a specialized technique as each tray requires a certain type of fish needs to be fillet as denoted by the pictures in the background. If you cut the wrong type of fish, it will automatically slip from the tray and you have to try it again. The challenge remains the same but waiting for the right ingredient or fish to appear is the tricky part.

SushiChop also employs bonus power-ups that you can find. Some of which prevent you from slicing raw fish like freeze, or double your reward coins for every fish slice. In addition to that condiments are added in the form of wasabi and ginger fly across the screen. If a players managed to add them to the tray will earn them additional points. Fish slices can be done 4 times to earn a perfect slice reward.

To keep the game fresh, SushiChop has an online leaderboards to trackdown your score using the Feint system. Additional upgrades such as buying sharp blades, upgrading powerups, unlocking new types of fish as well as buying additional items. The game does support in-game app purchases though if you want that quick reward without spending too much time farming all throughout the game.

Overall, SushiChop is a fantastic game that brings a host of improvements into the table. Whether or not you have been a fan of FruitNinja before, or just want a quick game to pass down time, then SushiChop is just the game for you. As a word of caution though, once you start playing, the more it gets addictive.  What’s even better, SushiChop for Android is absolutely free to download at the Google Play Store.

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