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The Curse Review: Classical Puzzle Game Creeping with Challenges

Posted December 24, 2012 by in Brain & Puzzle






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4.5/ 5


Developer: Toy Studio Media Corporation
Latest Version: 1.0.4
Genre: Brain & Puzzle
Price: $0.99
Game Reviews:


Quality voice acting mannequin, atmosphere, puzzles and lots of them


Puzzles may be too hard, in-app purchases may be needed

What if you mash up all the classical puzzle games and roll them into one? Well you get The Curse, a puzzle game that doesn’t fail to disappoint as well as excite you as you play.

by Paolo Nikko
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Puzzle games are truly worth the time when it comes to solving classical riddles most especially those challenging one’s that will both stir-up your brain cells as well as getting you addicted for hours. By now, you might have just found your favorite puzzle game in the form of a physics inspired brain twisters, number churning Soduku riddles or Tanagrams. Dooors is great example of a puzzle game that is entertaining and innovative by keeping it fresh on each level.

What if you mash up all the classical puzzle games and roll them into one? Well you get The Curse, a puzzle game that doesn’t fail to disappoint as well as excite you as you play.

Classical Puzzle Pieces

Players start of by opening the book of puzzles, and getting yourself struck by a terrible curse. The only way to get yourself out of that serious predicament is to work your way out by solving the 100 puzzles and put back the genie that somewhat looks like a creepy Mannequin with a serious attitude. Take our advice you really want to shove that Mannequin back to where he belongs but be weary, the puzzles won’t be that easy to solve or decipher.

the-curse review-gameplay

While The Curse brings a fairly good presentation when it comes to creativity in the atmosphere by the use of old pages, it does feel a bit of Deja Vu when it comes to the puzzles. During the course of the game, you will be solving a lot of familiar puzzles like Soduku, moving blocks, tangrams, transporting water between jars, switching of some lights and some random riddles. If you’re looking for something original, well you can’t find anything new here.

Mannequin Fun


One of the strongest points in The Curse is the atmosphere it brings to the players. By being able to flip through the pages, is as if you are actually holding a book. But I really want to bring emphasis on the Mannequin, as the show stealer. Everytime you accomplish a level, he shows up and tries to threaten you by being sarcastic, test you and also provoke you. This kind of reminds me of the Glados and Chell relationship from Portal, that with great quality voice acting you can actually love the antagonist of the game even though he pisses you off in many ways. The developers did a great job of pulling off such a great character, added with some magical twists and turn, you’ll end-up loving him at the same time smashing his masked face to a pulp.

Puzzles and lots of them

Gameplay revolves around mashing buttons on screen, sliding blocks, doing mathematical equations and doing someĀ  traditional puzzle solving. The interface is pretty solid and the puzzles themselves are represented in great quality.

the-curse review-puzzles

Depending on how skilled you are in solving puzzles, The Curse does have some hints to help you out in those sticky situations. It is good to understand that the variety of puzzles that have been added in the book will put any veteran puzzle solver to his knees once he stumble upon unfamiliar puzzle pieces. There are puzzles that are extremely difficult to solve and the only way you can get pass through the level is to buy yourself a hint and The Curse is happy to provide you with four hints for the price of a dollar. What a way to make money if you ask me.

We’ll there is nothing wrong with purchasing hints or consumable IAP, but it does feel a bit of getting robbed in the face. There are some puzzles that sport a time limit and accomplishing them in that required time will feel like an impossible feat to accomplish. You might wonder just start to wonder if it is designed to force you with the in app game purchases.

But still if you love a good dose of challenging games ,then certainly the Curse will keep you entertained for hours or frustrate you depending on your mood. You can get The Curse for $0.99 at the Google Play Store.

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