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The Dark Knight Rises Review : Epic Batman Game for Android

Posted July 31, 2012 by in Arcade & Action






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4.5/ 5


Developer: Gameloft
Latest Version: 1.0.6 (July 20, 2012)
Genre: Arcade & Action, Third-person
Price: $6.99
Game Reviews:


Captures the same dark atmosphere of Nolan's films, great combat with slo-mo style finish, lots of other features to unlock,


Bad camera angles, in-app purchases, controls are sluggish when driving vehicles

Overall, the Dark Knight Rises on Android is a great game filled with great graphics, and impressive gameplay. Fans of the series can take this opportunity to bond with Christopher Nolan’s epic masterpiece.

by Paolo Nikko
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With the release of the Dark Knight Rises in cinemas, tie-in games never cease to exist, and in the case of Gameloft, they have done an excellent job of creating console quality games that can be played on your Android device.  The Dark Knight Rises features Christian Bale reprising the role of Batman, and by now many fans have already grabbed Gameloft’s tie-in game in the Google Play Store. If you haven’t grabbed your copy yet, then don’t you worry as we’ve got it all covered for you in our Dark Knight Rises for Android review.

Batman fans the time you have been waiting for has finally arrived. If you thought the movie was awesome wait till you play the game.

For most parts, the Dark Knight Rises remains faithful to Nolan’s dark atmosphere and manages to pass every aspect with all flying colors. From a visual perspective, the game is truly amazing and Gameloft has once again made a successful new title. The graphics itself will definitely blow you away. Character models are detailed and background environments are beautifully rendered is as if you are playing on a console game. There are just some parts where Selina Kyle had a flat face, with some showing signs of polygons but nevertheless it’s a mobile game and limitations are just part of it.

Arkham Asylum Clone?

Players take the role of non-other than the cape crusader Batman in a fully open world of Gotham City in a sandbox type of gameplay. The open world environment is one of the reasons why this game rocks, and even better you are playing it on your mobile phone.  In terms of gameplay, The Dark Knight Rises mashes together a little bit of everything as it incorporates stealth, action-paced combat, exploration, and our favorite part, driving the various Batman vehicles.

I have to admit, The Dark Knight Rises is pretty much the same in terms of gameplay and graphics with Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City – one of the best superhero games of all time.

One-Button Mash Combo

The game hosts a dual-stick movement and some buttons for fighting battles and using sophisticated gadgets. The virtual joystick found on the left is used to control Batman’s moves while the other one is left for controlling his direction when facing.  On the lower right side lies a series of buttons for combat and depending on what activity you are doing, other buttons will pop-up to do some actions like hacking terminals, doing counterattacks, and using your grappling hook just to name a few.

Controls are fairly easy, and players will have to mash only a single button to attack which makes it easy for non-gamers to adapt but repetitive most of the time. Counter attacks are can easily be done by timing the right moment when an enemy attacks which spices up the gameplay. I almost forgot to mention the arsenal of gadgets that Batman posses and it involves a lot of gadgets from Batarangs to and grappling hooks, all of which can be upgraded in the Tech Shop if you have acquired enough points.  Combat is not the only main concern that is highlighted in the game but players will also have to hack terminals, glide from one point to another or swinging down from perch to perch which will be familiar to many players who have played Arkham Asylum.

Gadgets, and lots of them

The only thing I found it hard in controlling the game was especially in those driving missions. Steering your Batpod is sluggish and find it hard to do insane stunts like doing a quick turn or drift. On the other hand, gliding from one building to another is as smooth as butter and feels like natural.  Camera angles where rough on some parts of the mission but for most of the time it was just right and you can easily set it up without any troubles.

Progressing through the levels is a breeze and the goal is simple beat up bad guys to a pulp. There are also secondary missions to accomplish in which can boost your experience points, unlock new gear, level up or improve your equipment with the accumulated upgrade points. In terms of customizability, The Dark Knight Rises has many to offer, and can be achieve quickly through in-app purchases. Although you really don’t want to shell out cash as the game can still be beaten without buying those.

For the storyline, the game remains faithful to the movie with some minor spoilers being revealed. The Dark Knight rises contains 6 chapters which spans a total of 20 missions for the campaign. Once you finished the main storyline, don’t expect it to end just yet as there are a bunch of other collectible hidden treats that you can find once you unlocked Free Roam Mode.

Voice acting is superb and much better than any other Gameloft titles.  Batman speaks in a dark throaty voice, while Alfred speaks in a superior British accent. The only guy I find to have problems with is Bane, with his average monologues.  Background music blends in nicely and is produced in high-quality audio.

The Dark Knight Rises sells at $6.99 at the Google Play Store and will cost you at least 1.81 GB of free memory space. So make sure that you have enough storage space on your device before you download.


Overall, the Dark Knight Rises on Android is a great game filled with great graphics, and impressive gameplay. Fans of the series can take this opportunity to bond with Christopher Nolan’s epic masterpiece.  For only seven dollars, you got yourself a great title that is worth every penny. If you have played Arkham Asylum before, don’t expect it to be the same as the console version, but consider the game as a minute size version that is bursting with awesomeness.

Tell us on the comments section below on what you think about the game. Does it meet your expectations?

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