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Where’s My Perry Review: Classical Game Reinvented

Posted July 16, 2012 by in Brain & Puzzle






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4/ 5


Developer: Disney
Latest Version: 1.0.2
Genre: Brain and Puzzle
Price: $0.99
Game Reviews:


Original voice acting, great gameplay, bonus levels


drawing out a path can be hard, features same graphics of previous game

Great game still has the old formula that makes it quite fun to play even though its still borrowed some elements of Where’s My Water?

by Paul Samuel
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From the makers of the hit puzzle game Where’s My Water, comes another interesting title from Disney that is surely going to make any puzzle lover entertained for many hours. Introducing Where’s My Perry, a water based puzzle game that features the same elements on the previous title Where’s My Water. Instead of carving out a path of water to travel on Swampy’s bathtub, the water will act as a fuel for Perry’s tube to carry out his next mission. If you have seen Disney’s show Phineas and Ferb, then you’ve probably have stumble upon Perry, a secret agent platypus who is up to something.

Where’s My Perry is a complete duplicate of Disney’s previous title Where’s My Water?, in which players need to cut through piles of dirt to create a path for water to reach the goal. The water will then power Perry’s tube that he uses to travel on his next mission.The main antagonist of the story is Dr. Doofenshmirtz, an evil Dr. who is set to change the water into different states namely: solid, liquid and gas using his crazy machines dubbed as the “Crazy-inators.” These machines can cause serious damage to water such as the Heat-inator that will melt ice into water or change it into steam.

Gameplay is still solid and like the previous game it still involves around in building out a path for your water to flow. There are still goal levels to achieve and like the previous game, players can finish the level completing it with three stars in the form of garden gnomes.  There are still hidden objects to look and if Swampy was related to collecting treasures, Perry is set to collect secret files from O.W.C.A in the form of folders that are neatly hidden in some parts of the levels. Collecting three of one files during each level will unlock a special bonus stage that players can take part with. That bonus stage will let players play, Balloony the antagonist’s childhood friend, as they navigate a crash course set in dirt.

If you still find the need for a challenge, then completing achievements is the only way to go.  Achievements are hinted in the form of a shield question mark in which tapping them will reveal a hint in what you should do in order for you to unlock it.

Completing each mission will bring you to a cut-scene where Perry is shown sliding down a tube and flashing you with the result of the mission like the time you spent on the level, gnomes you collected, and the overflow you have created.In the graphics department, the game is pretty much borrows the same 2D elements found in Where’s My Water. Veteran gamers who are already accustomed to the previous title, will be instantly familiar with the game as well as dealingwith the dirt and other crazy traps that lies in each level.

Currently the game features 240 levels and they are divided into themes that span 60 levels each.  The developers did promise new levels after a few couple of updates.

Where’s My Perry isn’t a complete rip-off or a copy cat as the developers of this game are the same old people who is responsible for making Where’s My Water. Simply put the game as a remake of the old genre that put the company to success. And for fans of Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, then this is the ultimate game that you would certainly love to get your hands to.

You can download Where’s My Perry? in the Google Play Store for $0.99.

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