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Acclaimed Shooter Ikaruga Takes Flight for a Worldwide Release

Posted January 19, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

The critically acclaimed game Ikaruga has finally landed in the Google Play Store after being a Japanese exclusive title and an Xbox Live Arcade shooter. Good news for everyone who’s waiting for a port as the time has finally come for Android mobile devices.


For those of you who don’t know it, Ikaruga is a challenging, action-packed shooter that utilizes the polarity mechanic .  That means, your ship has to be the same color when the incoming bullets come or else get blown to pieces. While there are many games that features the same gameplay such as Polaris but Ikaruga seems to have the best of them all.


Ikaruga takes place in the land of Horai ravaged in a massive battle between Horai’s forces known as the freedom fedaration called Tenkaku. The Tenkaku have long fought from the oppressors but end-up in vain. That is where you come in, as you play as Shinra, the only Tenkaku survivor.

Classic shoot-em up games like Ikaruga is great leap in terms of graphics as you battle it out through futuristic locations and killing hordes of enemies in flight. If you always love the action of isometric shooting games then Ikaruga is probably your best choice.  And if you’re asking it’s already in English version. You can download Ikaruga at the Google Play Store for $9.00.

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