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All Hail Epic Citadel Finally on Android!

Posted January 30, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Epic games has finally released one of the coolest looking games in the Google Play Store. And by epic , we mean it’s built on the Unreal Engine.  To our surprised, Epic Citadel is already up and running and features one of the best graphics there is on the market.

News of Epic Citadel started as an early demo running on Tegra 2 tablets way back in CES 2011. For those of you who don’t know it yet, Epic Citadel is  a game designed for tablets and showcases a part of a setting where Infinity Blade shares a back story. To give you a short history, Epic Citadel was released before Infinity Blade touched down on iOS. So what makes Epic Citadel great? Well, the answer is “Its Epic!”gameplay-epic-citadel

The game is pretty much the same when it was first demoed in last two years ago but there’s a huge difference. First thing, it’s not a demo and second, it features an interactive version of a magnificent citadel complete with moat, castles, towers, and stone walls. Players will able to explore the kingdom where they can tap the screen to move or swipe to look around thanks to the onscreen dual joystick. There is also an option where you have a guided tour that will take you almost  instantly through any parts of the castle.


Another helpful feature is the Benchmark Mode that lets owners gather device for their Android device like resolution and other helpful statistics for hardcore mode. And to top it off, you’ll have performance over everything like the rendering resolution much like that of a PC.  So does Epic Citadel bring some good news? Well the answer is definitely yes, and we could be seeing Infinity Blade anytime soon ported on Android. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

You can check out Epic Citadel on the Google Play Store.

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