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Amazing Alex Review and Walkthrough

Posted July 12, 2012 by Paul Samuel in Apps

When Rovio announced Amazing Alex, we were pretty sure that this game will be awesome, and what they did with Angry Birds is exactly the same formula to the latest game they have released. Amazing Alex is a highly addictive puzzle game that is centered around on physics and strategy to complete each level.

If you have played Cut the Rope: Experiments, you might feel that Amazing Alex borrowed some elements of the said title, and yet it still feels like a great game combining both worlds together. The menu and interface buttons has that Angry birds kind of feel which makes veteran users of the game feel at home.

First of all, the game is challenging and like the previous Rovio games, Amazing Alex requires patience and good thinking to be successful. Each level is carefully laid out in beautiful graphics and it feels like Angry Birds all over again.  Some elements are borrowed and if you have played Angry Birds: Rio before, the boxes in this game pretty much resembles the same thing,

Players will start off with the Classroom level that serve as the basis of the game’s tutorial. In here, players will be acquainted with the various
objects that the game has to offer and these include balls, benches, boxes, scissors, books and balloons just to name a few. The tutorial will give you the basics on how you play the game. Interacting with objects can be down with a simple slide of your finger to rotate objects, place a book to create a domino effect, create a bridge with the benches, or pop those balloon to gain extra credit. Each level has its own puzzle to accomplish and can be as simple as getting a tennis ball inside a basket by creating a bridge of boxes, or letting a balloon escape from a pile of books.

The real fun starts once you get pass the hundred levels, as each level represents a unique riddle that you have to decipher on what you have learned by interacting with the objects in the past levels. There other household items to discover and these includes buckets, vacuum cleaners, toy trucks, ropes and other goodies for you to take advantage, we won’t be going in deep as not to spoil you with your game.

One thing worth mentioning that is not found on many games is that Amazing Alex comes with a level creator for you to construct your own puzzles. You can also share them with your friends for them to solve your devious contraptions.

In a nutshell, Amazing Alex is an outstanding game, and Rovio might just have another hit title waiting to explode. We won’t be surprised if this game makes it to the top of the charts, but definitely this is one awesome game that you shouldn’t want to miss. Amazing Alex is not just any ordinary game, but rather a unique, innovative physics puzzler game.

You can download Amazing Alex absolutely free at the Google Play Store. There is also a paid version that costs $0.99 and the Amazing Alex HD version that retails at $2.99.

Stuck on a level? You might call it as an Amazing Alex cheat but you’re definitely going to need a guide eventually.Be sure to check our Amazing Alex walkthrough here. Tell us on the comments below on what you think about Amazing Alex game.

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