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Amazing Alex Walkthrough – The Backyard | 3 Star Walkthrough

Posted July 18, 2012 by Paul Samuel in Walkthroughs

The Backyard

The Backyard level is the second chapter in the series and introduces new items for your chain reaction contraptions. There are 32 levels overall and 96 starts to collect. Expect to see previous items like books, scissors, balloons and a host of new items. In this chapter you will be introduced with pipes, an eight ball, punching mechanism and some other elements. Creating tunnels is the ultimate key here and this chapter heavily involves tunnels, triggering the punching mechanism and timing.

If you still have problems you can refer to our handy little guide below. All solutions shown are guaranteed to give you an Amazing Alex 3 star rating on each level. Just follow the guide carefully and set your pieces correctly. Check out our Amazing Alex 3-star walkthrough. Good luck.

2-1 Fill in the Blanks

2-2 Pipe Works

2-3 Garage Sale

2-4 Ball Crossing

2-5 Pop ‘n Cut

2-6  Brute Force

2-7 Tower Madness

2-8 Stuck-Up

2-9 Double Whammy

2-10 Slam Dunk

2-11 Swinging Technique

2-12 Time That Swing

2-13 Multi Punch

2-14 Back and Forth

2-15 Fort Box

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