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Amazing Alex Walkthrough

Posted July 12, 2012 by Noah Mocorro in Walkthroughs

Amazing Alex has finally launched in the Google Play Store. And to celebrate its release, we’ve prepared you one enticing Amazing Alex walkthrough to serve you as your guide. This is the first time that Rovio is releasing a completely different game and definitely doesn’t involved catapulting birds in the air. If you’re stuck in a level, check out our guide below for all the Amazing Alex guide solutions.

The Classroom

Level 1 – Playtime

Level 2- Catch the ball

Level 3 – Mind the Gap

Level 4 – Roller Coaster

Level 5 – Chain Reaction

Level 6 – The Robot Overload

Level 7 – Behind Boxes

Level 8 – Revenge of the Robot

Level 9 – Books Away

Level 10 – Ball Collector

Level 11 – Push and Pop

Level 12 – Flying with Scissors

Level 13 – Pop Don’t Fly

Level 14 – Ballooned Away

Level 15 – Balloon Pusher

Level 16 –Free that Balloon

There you have it, the first part of Amazing Alex levels. Stay tune for more updates, new levels and strategies. Subscribe to our page and be the first one to know on the next update as soon as it hits the Google Play store.

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