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Android Venturing to Game Console: Ouya $99 Streaming Game Box

Posted July 7, 2012 by Paul Samuel in News

Google’s Android has become the fastest operating system that sells hotter than pancakes. Even with a large ecosystem that comprises of different manufacturers and platforms, it still is leading the pack with the most number of users.

In the past few months Google has been showing signs of interest in the home entertainment system with the introduction of Google TV. And it seems that Google is also making a giant leap by making  a game console for themselves.

There is still very little news with regards to the new device, but sources confirmed that it will be called Ouya and will be selling at $99, complete with games that are free-to-play. Sounds lovely right? Well it gets even better once you know who is involved in the project. According to reports, Ouya is being spear headed by a team of tech junkies and professionals that includes Julie Uhrman (IGN), Ed Fries ( former Xbox VP), Muffi Ghadiali (Amazon Kindle) and Peter Pham (Color app) just to name a few. Talent does come in different shapes and sizes and it seems that the Ouya could just be the next console to watch.

Aside from being an entertainment machine, Ouya also doubles itself as a development kit, for anyone who is into creating games can take this opportunity to develop their games on the device. This is not saying that this will disrupt the console industry by producing indie games, but rather a path for developers to connect with gamers easily.  As early as now, the device is already been touted as a hackable device that can play unofficial game titles through the Android software.  Once Google TV fully integrates with the device,  Ouya could just be the next “Netflix”, gaming hub or Android TV.

Ouya will connect to your TV, and judging by the looks, it is sleek and futuristic that reminds me to one of those Portal boxes. As for now, we’ll just have to wait on the official announcement.

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