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Apocalyptic Strategy Game Rebuild, Takes Zombie Games to New Heights

Posted June 19, 2012 by Paul Samuel in Apps

If you are always been a huge fan of zombie games or even thought of imagining a zombie apocalypse that would happen in your neighborhood then you might as well love the new games that the Google Play Store has in store for you. Android gaming has become better and zombie themegames are more likely to invade the app store.

Zombie survival games have taken up to the next level with Rebuild, an interesting game that mixes together strategy, building simulation and a little bit of tower defense to the ever popular zombie apocalypse themed games.

Rebuild is a straightforward application that is surely addictive and fun with fun mediocre graphics and catchy music. To simply put it, Rebuild is a turn-based strategy game in which you must reclaim pieces of land in your surrounding area. Players start of by selecting a city and personalizing it with their own fictional name, companion and setting the difficulty settings. After which players will start of with a small piece of land with 4 buildings already in place.

The aim of the game is to expand your city and build barricades, walls, recapture buildings, build turrets or make it zombie proof from an attack. Things start as small and the map is changes every time you play making the game’s playability last even longer.

There are 5 things that will greatly affect the game play of Rebuild and these are the population cap, food, danger level, buildings reclaimed and happiness which can all be found on top of the game’s interface.

Players can recruit other survivors to your cause and the more survivors you have the more food you need to feed your party. Speaking of food, players can scavenge scraps of food from buildings or even grow food in their surroundings. In order to reclaim a building players need to cleanse the place from zombies and reclaim the area by assigning a builder to renovate. Inside the players garrison, they can either research new technology, train their party or even construct a garrison to help wave of large attacks of zombies.

Another thing to watch is the happiness level. The higher the level the more happier the people will work for, the lower it gets the more lazy and disgruntled your party becomes. You can always change their happiness by building a bar, church or even hiring some prostitutes to keep them company. Along the way players will encounter certain challenges like a horde of zombies attacking the camp, rouge gangs trying to set loose or even random encounters such as a mad scientist at your door step.

According to the developer, there are a total of 7 different endings to choose from and fining each of these conclusion comes the challenging part.

In a nutshell, Rebuild is actually like SimCity but minus the peaceful happenings. Instead, it is a game filled with blood, guts and glory with a twist of turn based strategy.

You can download Rebuild for a small fee at the Google Play Store.

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