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Arcade & Action

Critter Escape Review: Action Packed Chasing Game

Play a classical game of cat and mouse in Critter Escape that is both innovative and creative in its own way


Oscura Review: Sheding Light in the Dark Macabre

Fascinating game that combines simple graphics and gameplay that makes it a must have for anyone who owns an Android device. If only they can polish the controls, but nevertheless it is still a great game to play that manages t...


Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Review: Zombie Shootfest At its Finest

It was worth the wait, but finally the anticipated Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for Android has finally arrived. Veteran players of the Call of Duty franchise who have played World at War and Black Ops, will quickly recogniz...


Gears & Guts Review: Epic Zombie Road Rage

In a nutshell, Gears & Guts is a marriage of Twisted Metal and zombies. With eye-candy graphics, and fast paced action that involves zombies and cars, Glu Mobile has definitely made another freemium game that is worth the keeps...


Shoot the Zombirds Review: Horror Themed Aerial Fun

What I really like about Shoot The Zombirds has to be its simplicity. The game is so simple even an eight year old kid can pick up the game and shoot. The simplicity of the gameplay has to be the game’s main selling point, a...


The Dark Knight Rises Review : Epic Batman Game for Android

Overall, the Dark Knight Rises on Android is a great game filled with great graphics, and impressive gameplay. Fans of the series can take this opportunity to bond with Christopher Nolan’s epic masterpiece.