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Try Your Luck With Poker Gaming Through 888 Poker Mobile App

Online games have always been a staple part of the internet since most people nowadays play through online networks such as Facebook for their daily dosage of fun. Speaking of games 888 Poker is a great way to pass out boredom ...


The Curse Review: Classical Puzzle Game Creeping with Challenges

What if you mash up all the classical puzzle games and roll them into one? Well you get The Curse, a puzzle game that doesn't fail to disappoint as well as excite you as you play.


Spirits Review: Spiritually Addictive Puzzle Game

Spirits is a great game that innovates puzzle gameplay and injects it with its own gameplay mechanics. Features a simple game that is so addictive that you will spend countless of hours replaying every level to get the best po...


Slice Summer Review: Puzzle Slicing Game with A Twist

Although Slice Summer doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, it does however created something innovative and new using the formula of slice and dice games. If you have been a fan of Slice It before, then I highly re...


Where’s My Perry Review: Classical Game Reinvented

Great game still has the old formula that makes it quite fun to play even though its still borrowed some elements of Where's My Water?