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Bistrecode Releases Fermin The Frog, Addictive Fly Eating Adventure

Posted December 15, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

Bistrecode has just released a new game that lets you play as a Frog who is tasked in catching down flies in a really funny arcade game called Fermin the Frog. Players will be tasked in catching down flies in a rather classical way. Movement is done by titling your phone so that you can jump from one cloud to another. Tapping the screen will let your frog dart out its tongue to catch some flies in the process. To make the game interesting, players will have to deal with bees, birds, and evil clouds as they capture flies.

In terms of graphics, it is pretty much rendered in 2D but it still has some spark that will keep you entertained in one sitting. Fermin The Frog has a total of 20 free levels that you can play with that continuously increases as you progress through the game with the full version having 72 levels that you can accomplish. Levels are set into themes

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of Day, Night and UFO with more to be added in future releases.

While the graphics are typically old school, the game is rather addictive in nature. If you have always been a fan of quick and easy games that you can play on those dull days or just to past out time during your travel or breaks then you might want to give Fermin The Frog a try. Download it for free in the Google Play Store or upgrade to the paid version.

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