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BitBattle Lets You Wage War in an Epic Retro Style Arcade Game

Posted July 8, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

For those of you who enjoy retro style gaming, then you’ll be happy to know about BitBattle by Human Pride Games. From

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the name itself, this game will let you battle out in a royal rumble fest set in glorious bits. BitBattle is one of those few games that you get to stumble onto Google Play that ends up being fun and exciting. BitBattle has been out a couple of weeks and perhaps it has already got our attention hanks to its cool looking retro inspired graphics.

In BitBattle, players will be able to set an all out war marching your armies to battle. There are 2 armies to choose from with an additional 6 more that can be unlock along the way. You can pick the army that you want to play with each having 5 unique units. After the selection process is finished, you can go head-to-head match with another army and battle it out for supremacy. There is no story mode or campaign style of play as the game only has a single match and survival mode to choose from.


There is a multiplayer feature, however, it is limited on playing on the same screen. The one with the split type gameplay where you have to share the other half to another player. If you love retro inspired game, then certainly BitBattle is the right game for you. You can grab BitBattle absolutely free on the Google Play Store.


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