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Bolt Creative Expands Pocket God Franchise with Spin-off Title Ooga Jump

Posted June 4, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Arcade games are immensely popular as they are quick and easy to play¬† and doesn’t require any complicated controls to get you started off during your first level. Bolt Creative’s Pocket God is a testament to that as it is a popular title in a wide variety of platforms. That is why the company is expanding its Pocket God franchise by developing a new game called Ooga Jump that will feature an endless jumping game.


Players will continuously jump as high as they can and in doing so will try to score as much points as they can. The game stars with one of the primitive characters that you can find in the Pocket God that you will be controlling as you try to make your way high on top.


Bolt Creative is keeping all the details in secret but we do know that there are at least three environments for you to work your way through. These include underworld, space and jungle. Additionally, the game will feature some social aspects in which you try to beat your friend’s high scores in which they are labeled in the game with a picture on their progress,

No jumping game will ever be complete without hazards, and Ooga Jump features just as much as challenges that you need to conquer. In the meantime, you can check out the screenshot to give you a glimpse on how the game looks like.


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