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Brave Bit is a Beautiful Two-Tone Challenging Platform Game for Android

Posted September 17, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

A new retro style platform has just arrived in the Google Play and is called Brave Bit. Featuring a dual color style graphics, Brave Bit has place itself as one of those challenging platformer games that has minimalist tone. With its dark background and a single hue of color, the graphics are truly eye candy. And when we emphasize that this is a challenging game, we mean it big time.


The goal of the game is simple, all you have to do is run through the course of the stage and absorb orbs along the way. As simple as it sounds, there is an accomplishing feeling for every orb you have collected. Each stage is a whole different story, and is layered in different forms of hazardous stuff and challenges. For example, you’ll have to avoid falling spikes, electric fences, machine guns and other deadly traps set headed your way.


As of now, there are over 30 levels to work with, and you can breeze in through them without a problem. Provided that you have the patience to work your way through all the pitfalls and traps. ┬áIf you’re a huge fan of strategy games, then Brave Bit is everything you could ever wanted. There is also a free version of Brave Bit or you can check out the paid version pegged at $0.99.

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