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Breed and Train Dragons in Glu Mobile’s Latest Simulation Game My Dragon

Posted September 12, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

Glu Mobile is releasing a lot of games in the past couple of days and just recently, they have released a new pet simulation games that involves around Dragons. Their latest installment is a game called My Dragon that will let you take charge of raising and keeping a healthy dragon in the Kingdom of Dragonia.


As the royal dragon keeper in Dragonia, you will take the full responsibility of raising, feeding, and keeping the general dragon collection in order. Players will also have the ability to play with the dragons and perform various tasks that will earn your Dragon Scales. These scales can be used to upgrade your stable and able to raise more powerful dragons in the process. As a dragon keeper, you will be able to interact with your favorite dragon and do a lot of things like petting, play with them, or even dressing them up in costumes.

Here are the features of My Dragon:

  • Three starting species and dozens of┬ácustomization┬áto make your very own unique dragons!
  • Numerous costumes and accessories for every occasion with more being added all the time!
  • Many unique items to share with your dragon!
  • Visit your friends’ dragons and show off your favorites!
  • Now with the ability to train your Dragon!

My Dragon uses Gamespy to connect with people from all parts of the world and show off your dragon collection. From the looks of it, My Dragon is visually appealing and looks pretty good for a simulation type of game. For those of you who are a huge fans of Tamagotchi or just want to breed dragons in your phone, then My Dragon is just the right game for you.

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