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Catch the Candy is HeroCraft’s Tasty Physics Game Puzzler

Posted February 4, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Catch the Candy is HeroCraft’s latest casual puzzle game that is released in the Google Play Store that happens to be on sale to celebrate its launch. Catch the Candy originally started as an interactive online flash game that lets players to continuously feed their furry little creature candy.


From what we’ve stated above, players objective is to continuously feed the creature with candy by giving them a small piece on each stage. To feed the creature, players will have to guide them through the candy using his sticky slingshot arm to maneuver in the

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stage. Along the way, there are obstacles to get through and the only way you can get around with that is by pushing and pulling boxes, balancing unsteady logs, climb tall structures and just stick to any surface that you can find on each level.


Remaining true to the original flash game, Catch the Candy features 58 levels with over 40 achievements to unlock. Each level is different and players will have unique sets of properties for gameplay variation. These include industrial theme levels with mechanical gears to dense tropical jungles.

With colorful graphics and a charming little music, you’ll automatically be engrossed in Hero Craft’s tasty casual game Catch the Candy.

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Paolo Nikko

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