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Control Games With Precision with the Brick Joystick for Android and iOS

Posted July 25, 2012 by Paul Samuel in Feature

Playing a lot of action packed games that requires a lot of button mashing can be a tough challenge most especially when you up against an expert opponent. Games such as Street Fighter IV HD for Android, Critical Strike Portable, or some FPS titles that require both of your hands on the screen to control can spoil your game when you play. Luckily for us, a Korean company design shop known as GrayHaus might just have the solution to your controlling woes.

Controlling Woes

Known as the Brick Joystick, this innovative controller concept will greatly help users who have encountered a lot of problems when playing with their phone’s touch screen. Most of the problem gamers experience playing with their devices is the some have sweaty hands and others are not just that comfortable pressing their screens.

Suction Cup Fun

To avoid such problem, Brick Joystick acts like a bridge, as well as a suction cup sticking on your device’s screen and makes itself as a joystick for gamers to control.  The technology behind this entitled the “Bend Type” or Fling patent, which lets gamers use the nub as a floating stick ratherthan those fixed third party joystick. Brick Joystick will work on most games that feature an on-screen analog stick.  Fling’s design gives gamers full control of their game with accurate movements, precisions, auto-centering and also features a force feedback.   If you own Playstation controller before, then you’ve pretty much got the idea on how the joystick works. There are two type of models as of now namely the Brick Joystick 001 (Stick + Bend Type) and the Brick Joystick 002 (Dual type). All models are compatible for both iPad, iPod Touch and Galaxy series devices.


If you’re excited about the product, then we might have something to spoil your excitement. Brick Joystick is only available in the United States, so  Asian countries and European territories will have to make do playing with your hands.  As for the price, Brick Joystick cost around $24.99 for both the Stick+Bend Type and Dual Type models.

Brick Joystick 001 (Stick+Bend Type) for Smartphone Game – iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch / Galaxy series

You can check out the video below for the full details. And if you still prefer some modified hacks controllers check out the Galaxy Note and Six-Axis controller combo.

Tell us what you think about Brick Joystick on the comments section below. Are you planning on getting one?

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