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Counter Strike Clone Heads Out to All Platforms as Critical Strike Portable

Posted July 3, 2012 by Paul Samuel in News

FPS fans will surely jump for joy as the classic game Counter Strike is now officially available in the Google Play Store. Introducing Critical Strike Portable, a Counter Strike clone that was recently launched in both iOS and Android platforms, that emulates one of the greatest game ever made in the last decade.

Counter Strike fans will surely love on how Critical Strike Portable fares out that brings new features on the table. First of all, the latest installment doesn’t use the Half-Life engine but rather it is based on the Unity platform. This roughly translates into awesome graphics with even some FPS fans praising the game as better to its PC counterpart. When it comes to controls, Critical Strike Portable is as smooth as butter, with faster response time and accurate movements.

Fans of the old PC shooter will soon recognize that the game still retains some of the old skins and sounds. Even some of the maps featured in the game are practically the same, making old-school gamers feel at home with the pocketable version.

What’s even better is that Critical Strike Portable supports offline play with human AI or bots. Other mode includes a survival mode in which you are pitted against zombies as opponents. But the real fun lies in real world opponents and that makes Critical Strike Portable more fun to play with. However, let me warn you, since this game supports cross-platform multiplayer, you might find yourself  pawned by your opponents with proper gear and other hardware peripherals such as a keyboard and a mouse.  In most cases, the touch-screen based controls is quite a disadvantage.

Nevertheless, the fun doesn’t stop here, and it will never hurt once you try out Critical Strike Portable. And didn’t I mention that the game is free of charge? You can get your copy of Critical Strike Portable in the Google Play Store absolutely free of charge. Once we tried the game will let you know on our Critical Strike Portable Review.

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