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Cut the Rope: Experiments Review

Posted June 26, 2012 by Paul Samuel in Apps

Cut The Rope has been breaking a lot of records these days and certainly it is one of the best puzzle games out there in the Google Play Store. Following its success of its predecessors, Cut the Rope: Experiments is a direct sequel of the candy loving Om Nom.

Experiments still remains true to the old formula and the gameplay still remains intact from the previous game. For those of you who haven’t played the original Cut the Rope, the game is basically a brain puzzler in which you need to solve certain challenges to help Om Nom get his delectable treat. Not only that you still have to collect three stars that are neatly scattered along the level.

Levels are still categorized according to a certain theme and Experiments did brought up a number of interesting challenges on the table. Like the original game, Experiments is broken into different segments or theme that comprises 25 levels each. A certain element is introduced in each of these segments and as soon as you progress through later levels these segments will then be added to your current level making it tough or exciting for you to wade through.

Gameplay is still the same, with players cutting the rope or interacting with objects in each level. One of the new gadgets being introduced in Experiments is the rope shoot. Tapping it will set lose a rope that will automatically connects to the candy without you having to worry about aiming. The length of the rope is fired depending on how far the candy is from the launcher. Another gadget being introduced is the suction cup. Tapping it from the wall will release its grip, and tapping it again will reattach itself. It is pretty simple but not that complicated but it does however require a little bit of skill and dexterity to time it right. With a few practice in mastering the art of timing, Experiments challenges will be a walk in the park.

These new mechanics has spiced up the core gameplay of Experiments making it another addictive game to play with. It’s not just the candy that you have to deal with but also collecting stars along the way. In terms of graphics, Experiments still remains faithful to the old cartoonish environment that veterans will surely remember.
In a nutshell, Cut the Rope: Experiments is a fantastic game that retains most of the core elements that catapulted its success with the original game. With the introduction of gadgets like suction cups and the rope shooter, Experiments has once again reinvented the genre of a physics game puzzler.

You can download Cut the Rope: Experiments for $0.99 at the Google Play Store.

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