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Dead Trigger Review: Zombie Madness

Posted July 6, 2012 by Paul Samuel in Apps

Can’t get enough of zombie games? Well here’s an interesting shooter that has been blowing up the charts in the Google Play Store since its release. From the makers of the ever popular Shadown Gun and Samurai series comes another epic game from Madfinger and it sure is deadly.

Madfinger, know for pushing the limits of a devices’ hardware up to its full capacity is bringing-in an FPS shooter onboard that is definitely make any zombie fans jump in excitement. Dead Trigger is the latest installment and brings a lot to the table with high-end graphics, best possible backdrop and the coolest frightening zombie that you have ever seen.

Dead Trigger is a mixed of survival horror game with a bit of RPG elements mashed into the game. However, the game does feel a bit short when it comes to an engaging storyline. If you have played Glu’s Contract Killer, then you’ve pretty much got the idea of what Dead trigger has in store for you. Being a free application has its perks and also has its own disadvantage.

First of all the game is free to play without spending more cash beyond the $0.99 threshold. But you already know what free games always comes with a price and that is by shelling out a few cash on things like better armor, weapons and upgrades. Unlike from Glu or Gameloft games, where players need to rest for a while to regenerated energy to refill or buy energy packs just to start a mission, Dead Trigger takes away all that shortcomings by letting you enjoy the game as long as you like. In return, if you want to accomplish a level without breaking a sweat, the only way to do it, is buy yourself some powerful weapons and upgrades to fulfill your trigger happy finger. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t finish the game without shelling out some cash just to purchase powerful gear, but Dead Trigger is kind enough to let you accomplish a level provided you have the skill and lightning fast moves to outrun and outgun the zombies.

Dead Trigger story is a combination of the old zombie epidemic storyline that we all have come to know and adore. Stories are represented in texts and characters just spoil the fun by giving you obvious facts and lectures on how important it is to collect more ammo. Reading the storyline is not that quire rewarding as it bears no resemblance or anything that could affect the story. Nothing interesting, but the same old content that you get from most zombie survival classics.

Missions range to a wide variety of scenarios and it can all be done through the game’s main homescreen page. In here you can either go the bank to like Facebook status, or Twitter updates to get free cash, go the gun store to buy new weapons or upgrades, or go out to the post office to send email messages to your friends. Each mission have its own difficulty and they can be downright brutal such as holding your ground defending yourself from a zombie onslaught, or a demanding errand task, in which you find packages and deliver it back to a drop-off point. Depending on your style of gameplay, Dead Trigger can be hard game to master most especially if you ran out of bullets or end up failing to protect a safe house. Players can choose to be Rambo style renegade and lay waste to zombies by spraying them precious bullet at point-blank range or take it slow and steady with head shots, as you

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move around the hallways.

After finishing a mission, you head back to the main homescreen or map and plan out your next point of attack from there. You can either jump right in for another mission by choosing the marked places on the map or restock your equipment like purchasing more bandages or upgrading your weapons at the gun store. As players progress through levels, the more harder it is to take control of the map as there are zombies everywhere. The only solution is to buy bigger guns. If you have the cash, purchasing powerful weapon is as easy as pie but if you’re short, well you’ve probably have the whole day to grind some levels to earn more cash.

Didn’t I mention that the game has power-ups? Yes they do and they come in all shapes and bonuses. Players can either go for a speed boost, or enhanced their weapon’s damage by choosing the damage booster. Aside from the power-ups, there are other equipments to unlock and these include weapons and item slots, life upgrades, and weapons of mass destruction like grenades to do some serious damage.

In the graphics department, there is nothing much to say here as the screenshots speak for itself. Just like every Madfinger game, the game is polish and it surely is one of the best FPS shooters out there if you ask me. Dead Trigger is like playing a console game or having a miniaturized Playstation 3. If you have played Shadow Gun before, you might be spot a few similarities as Dead Trigger does borrow some graphical elements from the said game. In fact the lighting and textures feels like Shadow Gun but only as an FPS shooter.

Dead Trigger’s controls is absolutely flawless and indeed it is one of the best games there is when it comes to shooting on the small screen. The controls are good and they are way better than other FPS titles from Gameloft. The controls consist of standard layout, with a virtual analog stick for movement, a fire button, swap button, and reload button. The only issue I found is that you can’t customize the control and you can only configure the handedness, sensitivity and the invert controls.

Overall, Dead Trigger is a fantastic game for an arcade shooter. Although it may not reap any awards for best storyline, it does however win the hearts of FPS fans. With remarkable graphics, and sounds, Dead Trigger is a must have game for any die-hard Android zombie game fans. My only wish, is that Madfinger could dice the game and add little bit of story with longer levels, then this game could be more than just your average apocalyptic FPS shooter.

You can download Dead Trigger for only $0.99 at the Google Play Store.


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