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Disney Infinity Mixes Cross-Platform Gaming With Real Toys Much Like Skylanders

Posted January 15, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Disney had just announced an upcoming project that will certainly blow you away. Disney Infinity  is going to be a cross-platform sandbox gaming that mashes up all your favorite Disney characters in the mix. Think of it as one huge reunion of all of your favorite Disney characters into one adventurous party.

Disney Infinity will combine all the characters in the Disney Pixar universe from the past and up to the future. It will offer players into their physical form and not just toys. Considering it is a cross-platform type of game. Players will be able to play from the Playstation 3 down to your smartphone or your Android tablet.


While Disney isn’t calling it as a game, but the appropriate term will be a gaming platform. Even though it is a game, everything is physically connected together in one expanding universe as Disney Pixar continues to make new movies and expand its merry band of characters. In Disney Infinity, players will be able to buy figures of characters along with powerful “power discs” that they can take wherever they go. These figures and their power discs can be brought to life into the digital world and makes the whole project in perspective.  Worlds are offered in both Story Modes as well as open-world sandbox mode.


Figures are needed to be placed on a special reader quite similar to a portal in Skylanders. The figures will be “teleported” to the real world in which they can be equipped with accessories similar to that of customizing your character in an RPG game.

Disney will be offering figures in sets that will have characters depending on the movie or universe is themed.  There will be a total of 20 toys and characters with more during the later months. We could expect Star Wars and Marvel figures as Disney also owns property to several other franchise.

So far there are three confirmed “sets” released during launch date and these include Monster University, The Incredibles and Pirates of the Caribbean. As of now, Disney Infinity launches in June which is probably a long wait. Till then, we will keep you posted on any updates that comes along the way.

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