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DOOORS – Room Escape Game: Review and Walkthrough

Posted June 22, 2012 by Paul Samuel in Apps

Fans who love some brain and puzzle games will certainly love the newest addition to the family with DOOORS – room escape game by 989 Works. If you are one of those who loves a bit of challenge at the same time having fun, then DOOORS is definitely the right game to suite your senses.  With over 1 million downloads at the Google Play Store and still counting, DOORS remains a top brain and puzzle game for many players of all ages.

Basically the object of the game is quite simple, players just need to find a way to open the door in front of them. Sounds easy right? But in order to get the door open, players need to solve various challenges that will surely fire up your brain cells.

One of the best parts of the game is finding a way in opening the door.  There are various ways you can do it and DOOORS takes every possible angle to be creative with their puzzles.  Each room is unique and there are various ways that you can solve and escape the level. On the first few stages, players start out with a simple puzzle that generally sports a tutorial feel rather than a challenge. In the early levels, puzzles are straightforward and simple that requires you to slide a door to open or look under flower pots to reveal a hidden key.  The game does provide subtle hints on the puzzles themselves with a man in upside down position, hinting that you need to flip your phone upside down then press the button.

The puzzles are carefully planned and each level is absolutely fantastic. In some rooms, DOOORS gets even more creative like asking you to shake or tilt your Android device until a door open, flick a light switch several times, insert objects into a hole, turn your phone upside down to simulate gravity and so much more. On the graphics side, DOOORS doesn’t take advantage of full mind blowing 3D graphics but remains simple by keeping it low with 2D shades.

The gameplay is so much fun that once you start playing you will never want to stop. In a nutshell, DOOORS is a highly addictive game that could eat countless hours of your time. Perfect for the puzzle and brain enthusiast, DOOORs will never fail your expectations.

Download the DOOORS – room escape game absolutely free at the Google Play Store.

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