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Dooors Walkthrough Guide – Dooor 26 to 50

Posted July 4, 2012 by Paul Samuel in Walkthroughs

Here’s the second part of the Dooors Walkthrough guide. And if you miss the first part you can check it out here.

Door 26: Move the ladder to the left and tap the chain on top of the ceiling to reveal a handle. Pull the handle and door will automatically slide open, time it right by using the right handle.

Door 27: You might be surprise by the mouth of the door. You need to feed it based on how many times the colors appear on the wall. The leaf of the plant, sun, and flowers are your hints.  There will be a red, blue, yellow and green balls that drop on the floor, use it to feed the door. The combination are as follows: yellow, blue, red, and green.

Door 28: To accomplish this part you need to follow the pattern above the door.  Follow the screenshot below if you still have problems.

Door 29: Pick up the machete found on the lower right of your screen and use it to chop down the vines. Slide the two white doors to reveal a key. Use the key to open the locked door and exit the level.

Door 30: On this level there are four penguins. You need to pair the two penguins and face them each other. The first penguin should face in a 45 degree angle. The second penguin in a 225 degrees angle, the third at 315 degree angle, and the last at 135 degree angle.  If you still have problems check out our screenshot below.

Door 31: Simply rotate your phone in an upside down position. Wait for a couple of seconds until all the red lights turns to green.

Door 32: Slide your phone to the right to press the switch on the floor and deactivate the trap. Use your torch that you have acquired earlier and use it to drive away those bees.

Door 33: Use your machete that you have acquired in the later level, and chop down the wire to deactivate the laser wires. The pattern above the door with the rabbits and duck is a hint on how many times you need to slide the door. The rabbit is right and the duck is left. Slide the door right once and slide it again four times, and left for two times to complete the level.

Door 34: Move the right plant to the side by tapping it and reveal a hidden clue. Use your magnifying glass to learn more about the details. You need to rotate your phone according to the clock’s hand located on top of the door. Follow the direction of the hand clock and mimic it with your phone. Once all the lights turn green, tap the door to exit the level.

Door 35: Light the two candles using your torch to reveal a message. Those colors will give you the clue on how many times you should stack those blocks. Here are as follows, Yellow = 5, Blue = 3,  White = 5, Orange = 6.

Door 36: Tilt your phone to the right to reveal an arrow. Those two arrows on the wall indicate on where you should tap. Press the spot on the wall where the two arrows would intersect to reveal a switch.

Door 37: Tap the globe to reveal the UV light. Use it on top of the door to reveal some parts of the map. These countries are Australia, Japan, Italy, New Zealand, and India respectively. These countries represent on how you would rotate the globe below.  Here are there equivalents: Australia = bottom half of the Earth,Japan = top half of the Earth, Italy = top half of the Earth, New Zealand = top half of the Earth, India = top half of the Earth. Press the buttons on the wall as follows: LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT. Wait until the red light turns green and exit the door.

Door 38: In this level you need to do a little bit of balancing act. You need to balance three items. The big stone is equivalent to one small green ball and one orange ball. Tilt the phone to the right to place the rock on the right side. Tile to the left to put the two balls on the left side. You have to do this carefully or else the rock will slide down the other side.

Door 39: On this level you have to play with colors. The clue on top is your hint on how to get pass through this level. The color size of the door will be your guide on how you should press the buttons. Here is the order: RED, GREEN, YELLOW, BLUE.

Door 40: To open the door just follow the arrow on top of the door. Slide the door in this order: LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT.

Door 41: Shake your phone like mad for a couple of seconds or until all the green light appears.

Door 42: Your first clue is the red and blue circle on top of the door. This pretty much resembles the yin and yang. You need to choose the opposite element corresponding the circle. On left wheel choose the water element (cloud with rain, 7th position) and on the right side choose the fire element (fire symbol, 2nd position).

Door 43:  Tilt your phone to the left to slide down the bucket. Pick the yellow bucket and it will reveal a hidden remote control. Get the remote control and use it on the television. On the TV, you will see two yellow dots that will move. The first dot will show you 2 and the other 7. Input the number 2 on the left square and the number 7 on the right square.

Door 44: Grab the brush on the left side and use it to clean up the mess on the wall. It should reveal footprints on both side. The left side is the human footprint and the right side is that of a bird. Match the corresponding footprint to each of the boxes. Choose HUMAN on the left and a BIRD on the right.

Door 45: You will see a huge clock and a door with a number 45. Touch the white button and let the red clock needle run until it reaches the 45 minutes mark. Exit the door.

Door 46:The pattern on the door is your clue on how you should angle the bolts on each side. Check out the screen shot below if you have problems in aligning them.

Door 47: Move the gate to the left. Wait for the set of eyes to close. The door will slowly begin opening is as if it was yawning. Tap the door to escape.

Door 48:  Grab the weights on the left side and hang it on the left hook.  Use your bucket that you have acquired earlier and fill it with water. Once the bucket is fully loaded with water, hang it on the right hook. This will unlock the two locks on the door. Lastly, face down your phone so that the blue door will fall down.

Door 49: Use your torch to burn the rope locking the gate. Slide both gate to your left and right. The faces on top of the door are your clues. Match the arcs with red triangles on each of the eyes. Check out the screenshot below if you have any problems.

Door 50: Use your UV light on top of the door to reveal your next clue. Slide your fingers across the buttons until you turn them all green. This level is a tricky one but you’ll make it through.

Congratulations! You successfully beaten the game.

Check out for more guides that we have in store for you. In the mean time give yourself a pat on the back as you have beaten one of the most creative and innovate games.

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