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Dooors Walkthrough Guide – Dooors 1 to 25

Posted July 1, 2012 by Paul Samuel in Walkthroughs

If you have been stuck for quite a while now on a certain level on Dooors, then you might already experience some frustrations in some parts of the level. Dooors is quite an enticing game to pass out time and definitely one of the best when it comes to brain and puzzle games. Addictive as it may sound, Dooors is an innovative game that uses all of your phone’s capabilitites and turns them into a part of the game itself.

Check out our in-depth strategy guide below on our Dooors Walkthrough guide.

Door 1: Simply tap the door to exit the level.

Door 2: To open the door, you need to let the ball roll on the left. Tilt your phone to the right and tilt it to the left, then tap the door to finish the level.

Door 3: Same as Dooor 2, tilt your phone to the left to roll the ball and reveal the hidden key. Get the key and use it on the door to finish the level.

Door 4: Pull the string hanging on the left side, and once the door begins to slide down, tap the door when it is open to exit the level.

Door 5: You’ll notice that the door doesn’t have a doorknob. Tap the 1st or left-most lamp in which it will reveal a doorknob. Use it to open the door.

Door 6:In order to complete this level, you need to turn the switch six times to change the color of the lights above the door. Simply tap the little growing light in the left side to switch it on.

Door 7: The pattern here lies on the door itself. The light and dark red colors of the door represent the black and white switches that you need to change. Tap on the switch once to change the color, follow the pattern on the door as your reference.

Door 8: See that two flower pots on your side with a bunch of red fruits or objects? Tap the red object just above the left plant to pick it up. Select it from your inventory and slide to the left to open the door.

Door 9: On this level you will be greeted with two spinning disc like objects turning at different speeds. Each disc has a hole in it. You need to rotate the right other disc to revolve at the same time with the left disc so that they hit the green area at the same time. After which, quickly tap the door to exit the level.

Door 10: Shake your phone to put out the fire. After which, tap on the burnt wood to reveal a crank hidden underneath. Tap the left plant a few times to move it out of the way, to show a hidden hole. Use the crank and plug it into the hole. Rotate it clockwise to open the door.

Door 11: There are 3 bouncing doors in this level. Simply place the red knob that you have acquired earlier and plug it into the top of the middle door.

Door 12: If you played a lot of card games then this level won’t be a surprise for you. On top of the door you’ll see 4 suites. Match the symbol on the switches below according to the appropriate color. However, opposite suites such as the first Heart on the left will be black instead of the usual red, at the same time the Spade found on the lower left will be red instead of black.

Door 13: Shake your phone a couple of times to change the red lights into green one’s. Tap on the door and use the flaming stick on the left to burn down the spider web.

Door 14: There will be six switches in this level. You need to match those switches according to the scar or marking on top of the wall.

Door 15: Grab the bomb on the lower left of the screen to put it inside your inventory. Tap it again and place the bomb in front of the door. Light the bomb using your torch light that you have acquired from the later level. The bomb will explore revealing white arrow marks at the side of the door. Pull the left handle once, after which, right handle once, then pull the left handle three times, then the right handle two times to open the door.

Door 16: You’ll see a man in upside down position. You need to mimic your phone the same way with the man. Simply turn your phone facing down until the red mark on the door turns green. Tap on the door to exit.

Door 17: Tilt your phone to the right to slide down the rock to reveal a light switch. Turn the switch off to reveal two letters: E and T. Switch back the lights. Position the hand of the left clock pointing to eleven and the right hand dial to seven. As soon as the red light turns green, tap the door to exit.

Door 18: There are two switches on each side. Each ball will open one side. Simply press the switch as many times until the two balls reaches at full height.

Door 19: Slide the left and right door to reveal an orange ball. Take the orange ball and slide the right and left doors back to its original position. Use the orange ball to hit the white switch on top of the ceiling to turn it green. Tap the middle door to exit the level.

Door 20: The twentieth door is a bit hard. In order to accomplish this level you need to dial the right colors in its exact location. Each dial or circles are exact mirror images of each other. The smoke running around on the bottom is just for the challenge to make it harder.

Door 21: Just place your phone on a flat surface to align the water in the tank with the green line. Once the red bar turns green, slide the door to exit the level.

Door 22: Tap the lightly colored tile reveal the hidden magnifying glass. Get the magnifying glass and use it in the right tiger. You will see a set of fruits in the picture. These fruits corresponds to the colors that you need to resemble the colored switches. Place the orange ball on top of the door, this will represent the orange fruit color. Starting from top then clockwise the colors are as follows: orange, yellow, violet, red, green, yellow, red.

Door 23: Move the left gate to right by taping it and swiping it. Move the colored balls to the right, then move the plant to the right to reveal a button. Switch the button, and place the things back to the left to clear a pathway. Swipe the door to exit the level.

Door 24: Use the fire stick that you have acquired in previous levels to light up the two fire holders. Touch the yellow handles from right to left, then heading back from left to right. This will trigger the heater that will melt the ice in front of the door. The diagram shown in the background is your hint with regards to the sequence.

Door 25: Use the magnifying glass that you have acquired previous levels and inspect the Japanese Flag to reveal a number which is 2,5,6,2. Use these numbers to elevate the stacks of blocks in front of you. The left most stack is 2, the 2nd left stack is 5, then the 2nd right stack is 6 and the right most stack is 2.

That’s it! You have completed the first part of the DOOORS Walkthrough solution. Check out the Dooors Walkthrough guide part 2 here.

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