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EA’s Need for Speed: Rivals Enables Cross-Platform Gameplay with a Unique Twist

Posted June 11, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Electronic Arts has been in the show floor in E3 2013, and it seems that they are bringing back the cops in street racing with their upcoming game Need for Speed: Rivals. Their new game will feature cross-platform multiplayer pitting you against anybody.

While you won’t be racing against other players with different devices like Android orĀ  iOS gamers, but rather you can directly influence the actual game as it goes on. When we talk about influence it is the sense of calling in support to capture cops who happen to be in a hot pursuit with someone through the use of a helicopter.

Need for Speed: Rivals still focuses on traditional multiplayer gameplay and thanks to the new technology called AllDrive, players will stay connected in various ways like tablet and PC.

However, Need for Speed: Rivals won’t be coming out this Summer but we do have a release date this November 19th for consoles and PC.

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