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Emulating Has Never Been So Easy With Amiga Forever Essentials

Posted April 24, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

A few days ago, we talk about a new emulator hitting on the Google Play Store. And we all know how hard it is to get this type of applications to work. Most especially if your not into the technical details and aspect of the emulator aside from playing the actual game. This new emulator is called the Amiga emulators and it does not come with their one file system which roughly translates that you need experience with emulators in the past.


Amiga Forever Essentials proves to be a huge leap from emulators as you don’t have to worry about providing files for yourself as the app has the official license of ROM and OS files that you need to run the Amiga emulator. Developers of the said emulator have already collaborated with UAE4Droid, AnUAE4ALL and UAE4All2 just to make sure that all files will auto-detect those files to run the emulators.

Before you can start off trying the emulator you need to still grab an Amiga emulators and install it. Amiga Forever Essentials comes with a few tools like Workbench 1.3 and some demo disks that can kickstart your next project. The developer Cloanto did mentioned that this will be the first phases in a series of “Essentials” packages so we can expect a lot more in the coming few weeks. You can grab Amiga Forever Essentials off the Google Play Store for a dollar.

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