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Flow Free Review: Addictive Pipe Game

Posted July 12, 2012 by Noah Mocorro in Apps

Puzzle games are always been a great way to test your skills and also kill time at the office. Some players just need that extra challenge to stimulate their brain cells while others, just want to have fun. If you have been a huge fan of puzzle games that involves matching colors, finding patterns or just a quick game to stimulate your brain cells, then you will certainly love Flow Free, from Big Duck Games.

Flow Free is an addictive puzzle game in which players need to connect matching colors and create a pipe to establish a flow. Pairing all the colors is just a simple feat, but it gets even more challenging as pipes will break if they overlap or cross another color.

To pair a color, players just need to start with a single color and match it to the other color found in the board. Once a successful match has been made, it will be counted as a single flow. Matching them is the fun part, and Free Flow makes it easier for players to navigate the board as it is divided into set of blocks. When a player  tries to intersect or bumps into another color,  it automatically  cut the flow of that color.  Fun as it may seem, Flow Free requires skills, patience and planning for you to succeed.

Players progress are being monitored on top of the board with the percentage they have completed on the level, the amount of moves they have made and the best move for that particular level.  Pretty useful, once you are dealing with numerous colors on screen. If you manage to finish the level matching the best moves, you will get a star, while finishing it above the requirements will earn you a checkmark.

In the graphics department, Flow Free has a minimalistic feel with a combination of holo themed properties added in the bunch. The game is absolutely stunning and the catchy popping sound in the background makes it even more fun to play.

Flow Free features 300 puzzles and are grouped in to two sets namely:  the Regular and Jumbo Pack. Regular Pack levels feature 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, and 9×9 boards with increasing difficulty. While the Jumbo Pack is centered around for tablet devices with boards going as large as 14×14.  Some boards are extremely difficult and most of them are found on the Jumbo Packs that involves you paring 14 colors in one setting. Although, optimized for tablets, the Jumbo pack is still playable on most mobile phones, but we suggest that you play Free Flow on a larger resolution.

If you have always been a fan of puzzle games before, then Flow Free will certainly keep you entertain for hours. With the catchy tune, and simplistic gameplay, Flow Free is more than just your ordinary puzzle game.

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You can download Flow Free on the Google Play Store.

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