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Fortuna Magus is Kemco’s Latest RPG Game That Lets You Find Your Missing Father

Posted November 2, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Kemco is known for specializing RPG games, this time around their latest new addition to their growing number of titles is pushing forward with the introduction of Fortuna Magus. Compared to most RPG games, this type of game will actually be focusing on your character looking for your father. Unlike other RPG games in which you have to save the world from utter destruction, Fortuna Magus takes in a new twist of the game but still remains faithful to the RPG elements involve.


In Fortuna Magus, you’ll be playing Amane and Tia, who are determined to find their missing father. One faithful day, they encounter a magus that bears the same mysterious mark that their father once had on their arm. They offer the magus a safe place for the night, only to find out that they are wanted fugitives for helping out the later.


The game features tons of new skills and special abilities that you can play. And during combat if you manage to meet certain conditions, you end up able to learn new set of skills and abilities that you can use for attack or defensive purposes. if you don’t manage to learn this skills, then you won’t be able to learn them at all.

Characters are aligned elementally and players will be able to use mage stones to increase the level of elements they can choose. There are also customization present so you will be able to learn different set of skills to be added to your character.

If you feel like hitting an RPG game, then Fortuna Magus is a great way to get started with Kemco’s games. You can grab Fortuna Magus off the Google Play for $3.99.

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