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FPS UberStrike Features Great Graphics and Cross-Platform Mayhem

Posted December 18, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

FPS fans are in for a treat as a new FPS game called UberStrike is now available in the Google Play Store.  UberStrike is actually more than an FPS game as it is also an online multiplayer shooter that claims to have over 8 million players worldwide. The best thing about UberStrike is the fact it is a cross-platform shooter that will let you play on Android, iOS and PC versions. The game also boasts fantastic graphics and we just can’t comparing it to Far Cry.

During the initial run of the game, we are hinted that it supports nVidia Tegra devices but as of now we really cannot confirm if it is supported by nVidia or not, but judging on the graphics it sure does.

In terms of gameplay, players will have a huge arsenal of different types of weapons that include handguns to epic blow-em up weapons like rocket launchers. They can be unlocked as soon as you progress and level-up in the game. UberStrike has three game modes to choose from and they include team deathmatch, deatmatch and elimination with a 16 player cap. Players can choose a wide array of characters that includes gangster, vampire, ninja or dress up as a zombie.

Still not satisfied? We’ll the game is free to play and it’s no surprise that there is a huge amount of IAPs present in the game. Although the game is free, it still requires you to make a small download of 45 MB. Check out UberStrike in the Google Play Store.

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