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G.I Joe and Dungeons & Dragons Heading to Mobile Thanks to Hasbro and DeNA Partnership

Posted May 27, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Hasbro and DeNA have made a partnership deal that promises to bring two big franchises this year by bringing Dungeons & Dragons and G.I Joe for Android and iOS. Both games will be free-to-play as they will be published by DeNA using their own Mobage social gaming platform.


In G.I Joe: Battleground, players will be putting together a team of the famous G.I Joe troops or go with the enemy Cobra soldiers battling out with opposing factions. While we still don’t have enough information about the whole gameplay, it is still too early to label it as a RPG slash arcade game.  We assume it could either be turn-based strategy or a mash-up of arcade and adventure with a dose of customization.


On the other hand, Dungeons & Dragons Arena of War is set on the Forgotten Realms universe where players will have to form squad of heroes to battle out monsters. As always, no RPG game will be complete without doing grinding, upgrading your weapons and armor as well as distributing points for your character.

Since both games will be published by DeNA and will be using their Mobage social gaming platform,  expect to see multiplayer action in the form of Co-op or PVP.

For those of you who are fans of the genre, you can pre-register for G.I Joe and get a free exclusive in-game character for your team named Storm Shadow. This character can only be available for those who pre-registered. On the other hand, Arena of War you will get an ultra rare power.

Head on over to the official G.I Joe: Battleground page or Dungeons & Dragons: Arena of War to pre-register.

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