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Gameloft Starts Teasing with Spin-Off Game Called Thor: The Dark World

Posted July 23, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Gameloft is crafting in a new movie spin-off game based on the upcoming Thor movie by teasing us with a new trailer. Most of the time, game trailers never show off any gameplay, but this one is an exception, as the new trailer happens to have some neat shots of gameplay footages.


The spin-off title is officially called Thor: The Dark World, and you’ll be playing as Thor who happens to be leading the Asgardian forces against the Marauders and Elves. This can be done through a wide array of missions estimated to be over 100. Based from the gameplay trailer, the new Thor game will be much similar to Dungeon Hunter, but with Thor getting help from his own brethren.


However, we don’t have any details on what the game will possibly bring to the table, but with the gameplay trailer, we can attest that it will feature power-ups, upgrades, exotic locations, and nevertheless big boss battles.

Thor: The Dark World is expected to be released this coming Fall, most likely when the movie starts hitting the big screen. Check out the trailer below and see it for yourself.

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