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Gameloft’s Teases their First Unreal 3 Engine Game Wild Blood

Posted August 12, 2012 by Noah Mocorro in News

A few weeks back Gameloft announced that it was making on its first game based on the Unreal Engine that will be called Wild Blood. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it yet, games that are made on the Unreal Engine are pretty slick in terms of realistic console graphics like Infinity Blade just to name a few. Wild Blood will be the first game that Gameloft will be creating based on the Unreal Engine, and this will certainly be a huge leap towards their development team.

Wild Blood is an action adventure game that is completely built from scratch instead of being a copycat inspired concept or a similar game that already had existed. The only details we’ve got is this trailer and it does show small bits of in-game footage. Our guess would be the game will be set in a third-person action adventure game with RPG elements.

The game is looking impressive and feels more of a console game rather than a mobile version. Wild Blood could be another action packed game that Gameloft is having in their hands and is certainly a giant leap from their previous games.

Once we’ve got the full details, you’ll be the first to know as well as our own review on the game.

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