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Gravity Racing Madness is a Unique, Innovative Two Dimensional Racer

Posted January 8, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Racing fans here’s something that will certainly blow you away. Gravity Racing Madness by WendyTech is a futuristic racing game that features gravity as the core gameplay mechanic. Singularity has been torn in the future with two opposing forces splitting up the universe creating two different worlds.

As one of the small elite band of pilots known as Graviteers, you are equipped with special powers that gives you the ability to switch between worlds that have the opposite gravity with just simple tap of your phone’s display.


Gravity Racing Madness is one of those unique racing games that can get from the Google Play Store. Speaking of unique, it does resemble much like of Tron that has this futuristic style of approach. Players will have a single mission to accomplish and that is to defeat time and space to fend of the singularity. As of now, the game features 50 levels and you need to be as fast as possible to finish those levels to restore order.

Like we said earlier, the game is simple and easy to play with players only needing to switch or reverse gravity at the right time during the course of the level. Each dimension has its own perks, and is completely the opposite of the other dimension. To make the game even more challenging, Gravity Racing Madness also employs randomly placed buzz saws and hitting them will automatically rip you into shreds forcing you to restart the level.

On first impressions, Gravity Racing Madness is looking great, we’ll let you know on how the game fares out in our upcoming review. In

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the meantime, you can download Gravity Racing Madness Absolutely free at the Google Play Store.

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