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Herocraft Releases Ant Raid An Action Packed Strategy Sim

Posted December 28, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News
ant raid banner

Herocraft has been known for their strategy and casual games in the Google Play Store. And adding to their list of games is a Ant Raid; a fast paced action game that is comical in nature and challenging in the sense that you’ll be trying to

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keep your swarm of insects alive from turning into mutated monsters.


You’ll be getting your hands dirty as you try to control a group of ants targeting an insect that is about to destroy your colony. These certain types of insects will spawn in any direction and it

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will become too hard to keep your colony alive once the screen is flooded with enemies. Just like in real live, taking down huge insects requires you to have an army of ants, and in Ant Raid, that reality comes into play as you need to have bigger groups of ants to take on huge and tougher enemies.

Ant Raid is an action paced game that requires lightning fast reflexes to control and manage your ants on the spot. Some ants are better grouped together while other types will do just as fine when they are in smaller groups. You can also adjust the size of your ants if you plan to send an army taking down an enemy insect. If you love strategy games, then what could be better in controlling tiny insects. You can get a copy of Ant Raid for $0.99 at the Google Play Store. Check out the trailer below for the full gameplay.

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