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Introducing Gangs!: Recruit Freedom Fighters and Regain Control of your City

Posted September 14, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in Apps

For those of you who always love action games that features a command and control style of gameplay then you will certainly love Gangs, a new title from Go Games from OG International Ltd.

Gangs will feature a full blown console experience to your smartphone, tablet device or your desktop computer by bringing in, an exciting pump-up action game. The story takes forth in a society where an economic collapse happened and most of the government has lost much of its power. Different gangs and masterminds are already influencing the city streets and it’s up to you to regain control and liberate your city.

Assemble a gang of dynamic freedom fighters and reunite your city by recruiting new gang members and mercenaries.  You can also show to your enemies that you are the new boss in town by executing unique abilities.

Gangs will be available for iOS, Android and PC platforms. You can also visit the official Gangs Facebook page. There are no other details provided but once we get the whole scoop, will let you know.

Looks like a start of a revolution.

via OG International

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