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Kairosoft’s Free Sim Game Dream House Lets You Get Married

Posted January 29, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Kairosoft known for their simulation games is releasing a new game called Dream House. Released last two weeks ago Japanese residents and third-party users, Dream House lets players play a “Sim” like game that actually lets you get married and build a family. Think of it as a Sims game or clone that lets you date someone, fall in love and happily get married to raise a family.


In Dream House you start of by managing and creating your future house. Along the way you’ll face different challenges as you will also be a landlord yourself managing a big house that will also be rented by other people.  There are specific themed rooms to create like an arcade room, entertainment room or even a sauna to pass out time.  Each combination of room has its own “power-up” charge that will give your characters energy.


You will also have to interact with other tenants in the house as NPC characters will try to ask you for advice and guidance like rent and the like.  You may even to get a few tenants live happily and see them married. Dream House is sort of a social interaction game and you’ll also have the option to add five friends by entering their ID number. So if you’re a huge fan of simulation games then grab Dream House absolutely free on the Google Play Store.



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