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Kemco Lets You Capture Monster and Control Them with Covenant of Solitude

Posted February 4, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Kemco has been generous enough to slash one of the many game titles they have in the Google Play Store but certainly they just don’t ran out of ideas when it comes to new RPG games. Their latest offering is more of a retro-style RPG called Covenant of Solitude and this particular title features one of the best gameplay mechanics not found in the previous Kemco RPG games.


Covenant of Solitude story starts with an Empire invading the land of Listy, a village found in the farthest corner of the land. In this village, a youth named Fort with genies blood is able to commune with monsters and  control them. The game features a mix of monster capture system where Fort can turn any monster to his side and use them to fight of enemies.


Fort will be able to create parties with these monster and players can mix and match the best monster combination to form  a powerful party. The game also introduces a new point system that is called Solitude Points that can be used to purchase extra content in the game such as to buy unique items or unlock secret dungeons that can greatly boost your party’s weapons and items.

RPG players who want to try something new may want to try Covenant of Solitude. After all, who wouldn’t  want  to capture monsters and turning them into your party?  You can grab Covenant of Solitude in the Google Play Store for $2.99.


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