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Kingdom Conquest II Will Soon Have Worldwide Release

Posted January 14, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

RPG games are slowly making a comeback to the Android platform and most of which are either remakes from the past or an original work.  That is why Sega’s popular card-combat city building and dungeon adventure game Kingdom Conquest is getting a new sequel titled Kingdom Conquest II.

As of now, Kingdom Conquest II remains a Japanese exclusive and players who want to avail the game ahead will have to go to Japan or use third party software. For those of you who wish to wait, you can always sign-up ahead of time and get a small boost of in the game. Signing up will give players two extremely rare cards to add to their collection. These cards can be used once the game is officially launches.


For those of you who haven’t played the original game, here’s a brief overview on how the game turns out. Players will have monster cards to collect and deploy it inside a dungeon to start the phase of the game. The sequel spices up the gameplay by introducing new “Commander Element” that brings more depth to the game.


Aside from the monster card gameplay, players will also have the ability to build up cities, harvest resources that is pretty much the same concept that you can find in most RTS type of games. Kingdom Conquest II is a mix blend of RPG and RTS rolled into one.  Multiplayer is also present like teaming up with other players and trading them for resources etc.

While we still don’t have the official details on when the game will officially launch globally but were guessing it won’t be much of a wait. Interested players can sign-up by clicking here.

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