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LavaCat Lets You Play a Cat Trying to Escape from Hell

Posted July 29, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

For those of you who can’t resist adorable cats, then definitely the new game from PocketCake will definitely get you hooked-up with LavaCat. The game shares the story of Lucky, who is trapped in the underworld and now is trying to escape to be reunited with his family. With place literally all up in flames, ¬†getting out in one piece won’t be easy. Ironic, considering the fact you have a cat named Lucky only to end-up dodging flames in the abyss.


However, Lucky has manage to summon the SpiritCat, that allows him to transform into a LavaCat that has the ability to survive a lot longer than just struggling to make it out alive in one piece. The game is a side-scrolling platformer in which you’ll have to avoid obstacles like lava pit, falling rocks and other deadly contraptions that will try and slow you down.

LavaCat host a lot of features in the game that includes slow motion, power-ups, leaderboards, achievements, replay levels, and more.  Perhaps the rewind time is definitely the most useful thing that you can do in the game as you are able to go back time and time it right this time to avoid a certain death.

If you just can’ resist on playing with adorable cats, then definitely LavaCat can get you out in most situations. You can download LavaCat absolutely free on the Google Play.

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