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Lighnting Fast Nintendo DS Emulator DraStic Makes its Way to Android

Posted August 7, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

For those of you who love playing classic games on your Android phone then you have probably got yourself an emulator running. Back in July, news have surfaced that the new Nintendo DS Emulator was in development and it was called DraStic. One of the news that hit us, is that fact it is dubbed as a ‘high speed’ emulator which is a good thing, since it is able to run Nintendo DS emulators in the process at full speed. But of course, it is solely dependent on the phone that you are currently running.


DraStic, however, claims that their new emulator is as fast and comes with a variety of options that you can choose from. These include customization tweaks like being able to place where the actual screen will be as well as setting up the controls. DraStic also supports physical controls like those found on the nVidia Shield, Xperia Play and other devices.


However, for users who own a Tegra 2 capable device, you are not able to run this emulator since it is already blacklisted. The reason of which is unknown but for Tegra 3 devices above, rest assured that your are handset is readily capable in handling.

If you always wanted to have a DS emulator that is faster and more packed with customization features, then you can grab DraStic for $7.99 off the Google

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Paolo Nikko
Paolo Nikko

A graduate of Computer Engineering, Paolo is an Android enthusiast and spends most of his time programming and playing games. He is synonymous for the word customization, as he is curios for everything that surrounds him.