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Minecraft Themed FPS Shooter Guncrafter Lets You Design and Build Dream Gun

Posted May 27, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

For those of you who love Minecraft will certainly love the idea of this interesting game that has made a leap from iOS to Android. Introducing Guncrafter, an interesting game that lets you build design your own gun and head on over to a collision course with other players in an epic game head-on-head game.


Visually speaking, Guncrafter is similar to Minecraft as it sports 3D blocks for graphics. Gun design is as easy as connecting Lego blocks as you can build anything as you like. Just bear in mind that you still have to put focus on the type of gun you are building and it must be functional also. As you can never have a 5 barrel shotgun with a scope won’t just fit the image.

When competing with other people, you will be in a shooting a virtual gallery where you try to beat an opponent also having his / her own prototype gun design. The physics in the game is as realistic as it gets as you have to take into consideration the design of your gun and how it is going to fare out during gun battles.


Creating your gun starts from small, as newbie players just can’t build outright a huge portable gun. Players will

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start with a small table and a few weak materials like wood to build your first gun. As you progress along the way you will be able to unlock bigger crafting tables and materials. It will also unlock build maps to practice shooting your guns.

For the controls, all are tap based when building your guns and when it comes to shooting, tapping your screen and tilting your gun is your primary movements.

Guncrafter, is definitely

an interesting game to play with and fans who love sandbox type of games will enjoy this Minecraft themed FPS shooter. You can check out their Guncrafter guide for more recipes for guns and once you know the basic you can download Guncrafter absolutely for free at the Google Play Store.

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