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Mojang Drops the Bomb , Introduces Creeper on the Next Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update

Posted August 22, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

Mojang has dropped the bomb on Minecraft: Pocket Edition that will definitely make any gamer drool for the latest update. A major update has been promised by Mojang and veteran players of the game will surely love the additional content they are planning on putting into the game.

So to spoil yourself Mojang will be adding the most hated and fan favorite of all Minecraft mobs – The Creeper.

Creeper Mania

Every Minecraft veteran should now that the Creeper is one of the silent and deadly killers in the game, which has led many gamers frustrated being blown into pieces.  Living it up to its name, the Creeper is a silent type of mob that creeps around your back and explode just before you can turn your back. And with its introduction on the minute size Minecraft version on Android devices,  the game just got a bit interesting and fun to play with.

The additional content comes in a timely fashion with Mojang already having released updates on the game like crafting. Other updates to be included with the Creeper are inventory items like apples, bed, foods and some other stuff. Don’t expect too much but this update could just be the start of something big for Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

The new update is scheduled to be released this month, just enough time to fortify your structures once those Creepers start spawning in the map and blow themselves up to smithereens.  This updated could just be the thing we need for a more deep Minecraft experience. Did I just hear someone say survival mode?

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